Hello, my name is Chris Fornesa and here are a few things about me.

I am a graduate of the University of Houston‘s undergraduate Liberal Studies program, with minors in Business Foundations, Political Science, and Studio Art. I have been taking graduate‐level classes from Liberty University as part of their Software Design and Management program and I currently work as a Network Engineer.

My online persona has developed since the day that I began to actually use it in elementary school and, thus, I have created several identities to manage it, including Fornesus and CftxP. Fornesus is my business persona and spans the breadth of my professional creative endeavors, including Fornesa Art. CftxP, on the other hand, is my alter-ego. There is tremendous overlap between the breadth and scope of Fornesus and CftxP mainly because I see my business and personal life interact in direct terms with my personal interests.

At Work

When it comes to trade, I am an analyst, an artist, a graphic designer, and a web designer, while I have also dabbled in poetry and other writing endeavors. However, I have gone to school, first, for a BA, with concentrations in Business Foundations, Political Science, and Studio Art, and, now, for an MS concentrating in software design. In any case, my creativity, intellectuality, and practicality all influence one another constantly and, as a result, I am always finding connections in the outside world and in my inner self. What you need to know about who I am is simply that I have a unique perspective on the world because of who I am, what I have become, and what I am capable of doing.

Outside of Work

Of course, I do have hobbies as well. One of my favorite is, honestly, researching different topics to gain an understanding of each one. For instance, one week, I’m all about connecting Ethernet cables properly while, on the next week, I am mainly focused on the Baybalin script of my ancestors. However, there are consistent hobbies, such as my enthusiasm for domain names.